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One Bedroom Makeover Project……

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December 23, 2013

Five One Interio

One Bedroom Makeover Project At Kanpur, (Jajmau)

Location- Kanpur
Client- Mr. Altaf Solanki

2,200 sq ft (Approx)

Altaf Solanki Residence : Located at Kanpur(West) in luxurious building on 1st floor, this apartment of 2,000 sq ft. is done in Modern and little Contemporary with touches of Oriental style to maintain the choice of the clients and also very rich and upmarket feel to the whole place. The bedroom belonging to his son (Altaf) are done in futuristic modern feel with elaborate use of Deco varnished glass and L.E.D. lights. Master Bedroom has Modern influence with Jali work mdf flower motifs, Cushion Panelling and brackets used to enhance the overall feel.

· Updated about 2 weeks ago · Taken in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh


One comment on “One Bedroom Makeover Project……

  1. yogitasingh
    January 4, 2014

    “A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually”.

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