yogita singh

presenting New Creative Touch Designs From FIVE ONE INTERIO

Company Five One Interio

Interior design by YOGITA SINGH aims to consolidate each client‘s needs as well as the specific project’s requirements into a form which imbues elegance and good taste!

Yogita’s signature style is “simple flair” and captures the inherent character of a particular space, which is often lost in Minimalist design.

The Way we Work
After receiving a brief we will do a completely unique initial presentation for the client: this will include a furniture layout and mood boards indicating the exact furniture and fabrics we propose to use as well as giving visual examples of the “look” we think will work best. We will also do an itemized quote. This meeting will allow the client to make any desired changes, additions, etc and then decide what he/she would like to proceed with.

Each residential project requires  a different a different approach. We endeavor to give each client the individual attention necessary to understand their needs and likes. This aids us in creating a home environment that’s uniquely theirs and reflects the personality of the individual or family who live within a house’s walls.

Our Five one  interio exude the natural beauty of the amazing locations in which they are cushioned. Neutral Indian-exotic ambiance is complemented by internationally first class fabrics and furniture, alowing the guest to experience the raw beauty of India through a sheer veneer of comfort and class.

Our approach is to create an aesthetic “look” which defines the corporate identity of the business with a layout that is functional and will necessitate ease in the workspace. We realize the importance of creating a corporate space which also motivates the staff.

Company Profile 2


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