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”The Valley Restaurant”- is  truly a fest for the senses; and throws at you surprises delights and stories from every nook and corner of it, 5000 sq.ft area  it majestically occupies. It has-Reception area, Bar cum seating, Dinning area, Celebration Zone, Courtyard, Patio.




The space is split into two parts- The outside patio that has seating space as well as courtyard, and a open kitchen bordered by seating area.

The terracotta tiles from patio are re-used as the ceiling material after a through chemical wash.




The windows have cracked glass with a central etched design lined with LED lights and sandwiched with glass again.




Leather upholstered curve seating with colourful motif bearing cushions make for comfortable. An Gittar fixed   to the backwall with a  burst of niches with red and yellow lights dazzling you with lights.

In the front hall, wooden chairs and long dinner tables that look unfailingly  victorian sit pretty on rustic tile flooring, and overhead is probably the signature decor element of the interior.




The bar area is designed with a theam of tree the back shelves are design according to match  with whole bar concept designs. The tree wallpaper adds signature look to this area.

As much as the interiors are comforting and warm the exterior and the courtyard area is a canvas that is an adventure to the eye.

patio seating arrangements make use of lorry washboards as flooring.


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